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Our new launched flavor - Acerola is a Vitamin C Powerhouse that boosts the immune system! The cherry, native to the Amazon forest, has a tart flavor and is low in calories with absolutely zero fats!

Rich & Refreshing


Chocolate & Mixed Nuts

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GrateFood_Top Banner-08.png

superfood within reach,

to nourish your body and soul

Staying healthy should not be a hassle we agree! Get your Acai fix with a few clicks away!

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Nutritious & Yummy supprrrfood!

Fresh, Organic, and Premium Quality Supprrrfood! Brought to you from forest to table.

Processed at the most optimal stage during harvest to ensure we bring to you the maximum amount of antioxidants and vitamins in our supprrrfood!

SHop by collections!

baseD on their recommendation

Rykiel yeoh

WFH Mom of  Two.

She Recommends

Organic Frozen Acai Pulp Sweetened with Guarana Syrup (Pasteurised)

From $12

Balancing a career and looking after kids, Rykiel is one of the supermoms! With little to no time, she adds GrateFood Acai Berry sweetened with Guarana syrup to her morning breakfast. It’s a natural energy booster that gets her ready to take on the day!

Janine toh

Sales Exceuctive

She Recommends

Vegan Acai Chocolate Reishi Sorbet 473ml

From $18

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Working life in Singapore can be stressful, and Janine turns to Zumba and yoga to destress. She is also a huge advocate of living and eating healthy as such; her favourite guilt-free pleasure is Gratefood Acai Chocolate Sorbet! A cool and rich chocolate delight!